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Allow yourself to be seduced by the allure of our Moroccan bazaar and come in. Open your heart to the Saharan sun and blue skies of the Atlas Mountains and let the rare treasures made for you by skillful hands of Berber women intertwine with the patterns and colours of your home and bring you happiness.

All carpets, pillows and baskets presented in Zahora Bazaar are handmade from natural materials in different areas of Morocco. Each one of them is unique and personally curated by us, for you. If you do not find in our shop exactly what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We will personally search for whether it is a carpet, pillow or basket to make your dreams and wishes come true!

We are happy to deliver worldwide, however please kindly note that for deliveries outside Slovakia prior arrangement via email is necessary.


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Dear customer, please be informed that the delivery of our new selection of baskets was delayed due to the current situation around the world and therefore it was not possible for us to make these available on our website before Christmas. We have, however, an alternative for you – if you are from around Bratislava, come see us and choose in person on 16 ~ 18/12 at Urban Market, taking place at Stará Tržnica in the Old Town. And if this option does not suit you, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we regularly post our news and new arrivals (check out our stories/story highlights), or alternatively write to us directly and we will send you our current offer.



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Our dear customer, please know that we are constantly working to curate the most beautiful and interesting Berber carpets for you to find in our shop. However, as it is not always possible to satisfy every taste, in such case that you can’t choose from our current online offer do not hesitate to contact us! We work with several cooperatives that offer a choice of truly beautiful traditional hand-woven carpets, modern carpets made in traditional way – and designed by an award-winning local designer, irresistible vintage pieces with a story,.. Should you already have an idea of how your dream carpet should look like, we are very happy to find it for you, or place an order and our skillful Berber aunties will take care of it especially for you!

About our products

Farby a vzory v berberskej kultúre

Farby a vzory v berberskej kultúre

V berberskej kultúre majú rôzne vzory a farby svoju symboliku. Biela farba symbolizuje čistotu, červená chráni a dodáva silu, zelená farba symbolizuje plodnosť, prosperitu a...

O košíkoch

O košíkoch

Ako sme už spomenuli v predošlom článku, chutné košíky s brmbolcami známe v Maroku a vo svete ako ‘bread baskets’, čiže chlebníky, vyrábajú muži. Žena je tá, ktorá ich neskôr...

O berberských kobercoch

O berberských kobercoch

Berberi tradične používajú koberce nielen na pokrytie podlahy, ale aj ako ozdobu steny - tie vzácnejšie vyťahujú len pri mimoriadnych príležitostiach a oslavách – a taktiež ich...

Kind words from you




I do not regret one euro! I am so happy to have come across your website and at the ideal time just before moving. I will be proud of the carpet and will take care of it so that we all enjoy it for a very long time!

Drahomíra L.

The basket is really beautiful! And when we save up, I am hoping to buy one of your carpets, too… you have amazing things! We keep our fingers crossed for your shop, I am sure that others will also love such beautiful colored accessories!

Dáša P.

The Moroccan woolen cushion and the colorful basket brought a whiff of exotic and faraway places – so rare for us at this time – to my home. I rejoice every time I look at them. Thank you Zahora Project for this beautiful feeling!

Zuzana K.

The rugs we ordered are incredibly beautiful and high quality, they met our expectations. I recommend Zahora Project even to the most demanding customers! BERBER x Špania Dolina

Marianna H.

This is our second basket from Zahora Bazaar! In our home it replaced a traditional bread box and it is a pleasure to be able to look at it every day. Thank you!

Jana O.

Our Kessi, too, is loving the pillow!

Martina K.

We have had our blue bread basket from Zahora Bazaar for two years now and we are not bored of it yet. The colours are still just as bright as when we bought it, it attracts the attention of our guests and what’s more, it is also functional! If you are like us and you do not need to buy fresh pastries every day, then such a basket will serve you well.

Vincent K.

Magic baskets from another world! In your home you can use them for various purposes, for us it serves as an imaginative decoration, but it is also suitable as a hiding place for small treasures… Darth x Berber Basket

Veronika a Radek O.

Thank you for this handmade basket, which we received in original packaging with a cute drawing of Morocco and handwritten thanks. I bought the basket for my daughter and she now keeps her treasures in it. Each guest notices the basket and asks where it is from. Now I have a little bit of the Orient at home, too. Berber x Eiffel

Jana O.

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