About Berber Baskets

As mentioned in our previous article, cute colourful baskets adorned with pom-poms on top are generally known around the world as ‘bread baskets’ because, traditionally, these wool decorated straw baskets are used in Morocco to store and keep pastries from drying out. The baskets are hand crafted by men. It is the woman who later decorates them with variously coloured wool, creating all sorts of patterns, which no matter what choice of colour, always look harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

The pattern also tells us which area the basket comes from. Baskets with the less detailed patterns are said to have been woven on the plains around Marrakech. The ones with smaller, finer patterns come from artisans in the Atlas mountains.

In the same way as it is with our carpets and cushions, because the baskets are handcrafted it is possible that you will find their shape not perfectly symmetrical. This is, in fact, one of the basket’s charms and for you it is a good sign. It means that the basket was really and truly made by hand. As you may also find baskets made of artificial materials on the market, another sign of its quality is its subtle warm smell of straw – the material it was made from.

Moroccan bread baskets can be used to store pastries, but also simply as a cheerful decoration or a pot cover for one of your houseplants (watch out for spills!).

There are a million possibilities, and it is only up to your imagination to decide your basket’s role in your home! ♥