My name is Brahim and I was born in the Sahara desert in Morocco, in a large family line of Berber nomads that have spent all their life moving from one place to another.

I spent my early childhood living with my family as nomads in the desert until we moved to M’hamid, the last town before the Sahara desert, to start school.

It was a difficult transition for me as I was used to living in a peaceful and often silent environment in the desert.

Living amongst civilization was challenging for me, so I left school at the age of 15 and moved back to the desert with my cousins.

I lived there for 4 years and once again felt at peace and in harmony with my surroundings. Living in the Sahara is where I truly belong.

Returning to the silent and quiet surroundings in the desert made me feel free again. There I found myself, my mind opened once more and I felt I could think clearly. I understood that my heart and my soul belong to the sand dunes and that I didn’t want to live far from this magical land again.

Brahim About the Project

The Zahora Project is a joint venture of two nomadic hearts, where my love and knowledge of the desert and the surrounding area combine with Vero’s passionate longing to share with others the beauty of connections experienced on the road, an entryway to real connection with this country and her people.

Through the Zahora Project we want to share with you more than just famous sights and beautiful landscapes. Contained within the Saharan dunes, hidden away in age old fortresses along the caravan route or inside clay dwellings perched on the slopes of the Atlas mountains bides an ancient style of life, continuing on from centuries before. We offer you a chance to tap into this ancient vein of life, to surrender yourself to its rhythm and feel the heartbeat of Morocco, its tradition, wisdom and beauty.


My parents first met at a climbing camp and I grew up listening to enticing stories from the woods and mountains and distant lands.

These tales awoke in me a desire for the far and the unknown, and as I grew up, I gradually learned to quench my endless thirst for adventure.

At the age of 19 I went on a backpacking trip to Romania, for the first time with friends and without parents. On our backs we carried huge backpacks, we hitchhiked, camped, sang a lot and washed little.

This was the beginning. This was the moment when a treasure trove opened up to me, at the bottom of which I found countless irresistible possibilities. They shone like precious gems, luring one to a shimmering vision of thrilling dangers, love and wonders of the world, to the alluring promise of life!

In 2000, I left to live and study in the UK, and after five years I continued my journey in Japan as an English teacher.

I came back to live in Slovakia in 2010.

During my stay abroad, I spent much of the time traveling, especially in Asia, but also in Europe, and in 2004 I traveled to Morocco for the first time. I returned to Morocco in 2018, which was a great year in favor of new friendships, ideas and new beginnings.

Vero About the Project

The idea behind the Zahora Project was born out of my deep desire for a lasting connection with the rich story of Morocco, the endless spaces and freedom of nomad life in the desert, the generous hearts of the wise and joyful Berbers and the beauty they create – even when my daily duties keep me tied to a fourth floor Bratislava apartment for most of the year.