Vero and Brahim Meet for The First Time

‘I am Brahim,’ said the man with a hand to his chest. He arrived in a cloud of dust on his motorbike wearing a turban and a pair of goat hair sandals.

Anyone could say that, thought I. But here was, supposedly, the man we were traveling across half the country to get to, so how could we turn away.

Cat’s only condition on our trip was to go to the desert and ride on a camel. I was to do the planning and she would follow as long as there were camels at the end of the road.

The camels were there, literally, at the end of the road.

*Our first cup of tea at Brahim’s

We travelled from Marrakech all the way down to M’Hamid, the last town on Moroccan map before the Algerian border. At every stop we made we would be offered to go on a camel trek into the desert with someone’s cousin’s travel company, but I was adamant in my conviction. I had read a blog where they said that in Brahim’s camp we could ride camels as much as we wanted, and that was what Cat wanted, so we needed to find this man.

 And so, after one precarious bus ride over the highest road pass in the Atlas mountains, one car accident (not ours) and two crazy grande-taxi rides with our innards hanging out the window, we finally reached our destination. All we had to do now was walk to the end of the main road of M’Hamid town to where the Sahara begins, and find Brahim.

As it is often in life, what you have been looking for in the end finds you.

News travels fast on the desert winds and soon a cloud of dust brought us our destiny.

See photos in our gallery to inspect the fabulous goat hair sandals and to see Cat being carried away towards her dream.